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Voice your opposition to two gun laws now under consideration that will not make our communities safer.

The House is taking up the dangerous Preemption Bill – HB 671. HB 671 will:

1. Let the NRA and other groups sue our towns and cities to remove commonsense gun safety laws.

2. Make taxpayers responsible to pay the bill for any lawsuit against the municipality. Yes, you read that correctly – taxpayers would be on the hook for the plaintiff’s legal expenses.

Find your Representative.

In the meantime, the PA Senate will consider SB 383 – a bill to allow guns in public schools:

1. No teacher should have the added weight of responsibility of protecting their students with a firearm.

2. Guns in a classroom can and will result in tragic accidents.

3. This legislation pushes the false narrative that the NRA loves to promote “The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

4. Both the national School Safety Security Service and Education Voters think this legislation is a disaster waiting to happen.

Find your Senator.