The Senate Republicans are trying to pass a health care repeal bill before the week of July 4th which would cut coverage for 23 million people.  In the next 15 days, we must flood the offices of Sen. Casey, Sen. Toomey, and your U.S. Congressman with visits, phone calls and post cards.

Try to visit local offices in groups of 3-5 people. Have at least one story to tell of someone who needs some form of Medicaid. Two attachments provide talking points for letter writing and a leave behind.

Sen. Patrick Toomey (R) – 202-224-4254

Sen. Robert Casey (D) – 202-224-6324

Find your U.S. Congressman

In addition, if you are on Twitter:
For Toomey:
Tell him, “NO cuts to Medicaid. NO caps on Medicaid. Vote NO on repeal. Medicaid works. Medicaid saves lives every day.” Be clear, there are things that will make health care more affordable, and more accessible, but cutting Medicaid and Expanded Medicaid is not the way to do that.

PHAN’s Father’s Day Campaign to Save Medicaid is moving along. We are tweeting @SenToomey. PLEASE find us at #SaveMedicaidSaveLives. Then retweet our tweets to your Congressman. Remember: whatever comes out of the Senate will go to the House. We need to be a step ahead.

If the Senate does vote and pass a bill, we need to be prepared:


Plan to have at least 60 people outside your HOUSE Rep’s office on the day after the Senate vote. Please start asking your networks now: who can commit to the action? What time is best for them? How many people can they bring on the day after the Senate vote passes? What should the event look like? Plan locally and ask every group you know to join.

You can forward this link to ask people to join the Rapid Response team. Rapid response efforts can be fun and build community so don’t be shy about asking people to join in. Remember: Medicaid works for everyone.

Click here to RSVP to be part of the Rapid Response Team