RED ALERT: Up to 154,000 DACA Renewals Due by Oct. 5

Via National Partnership for New Americans:

RED ALERT: Up to 154,000 DACA Renewals Due by October 5 -That means up to 5,433 per day, EVERY DAY; 214 per hour, EVERY HOUR.

When President Trump and Attorney General Sessions ended DACA yesterday they created an almost impossible hurdle for the estimated 154,000 DACA recipients whose DACA expires by March 5. They ALL must have their renewal applications SUBMITTED by  October 5, 2017, or they lose their chance to avoid deportation and work for another two years.

We are declaring a RED ALERT to all legal service providers and community organizations to assist current DACA holders eligible to renew to meet this cruel deadline.  Join our Webinar on Monday, September 11 at 3 PM ET to find out next steps:


Monday, September 11th at 3 PM ET 


As DACA begins to wind down, field organizations are faced with the urgent need to assist and process DACA recipients with their renewals, while fighting back to defend their families and communities. It is estimated that up to 154,000 DACA recipients have DACA expiration dates between now and March 5th, 2018.  This means organizations will need to assist up to 154,000 DACA recipients to apply for renewal before Thursday, October 5th, 2017.   We have less than one month to move as many people through the application process as possible before this deadline.

On this webinar, NPNA, our members, and national partners will share the critical need to support with DACA Renewal Applications NOW and the steps that that field organizations, legal service providers & allies must take now to drive this forward.

Join us in this URGENT Webinar and effort to move as many DACA Renewals forward as quickly and as safely as possible before October 5th.