Tell your Rep: Vote NO on the SHARE Act

Gun Silencers on Track to Become Legal

The SHARE Act passed a committee on September 13th. The nickname for this legislation is the “Hearing Protection Act” as the main objective is to introduce the sale of silencers for firearms. This legislation is moving rapidly for a vote next Tuesday in Congress so we need to act.  Please call your Congressman on Monday, Sept. 25 and urge them to vote NO on the SHARE Act.

The Washington Post published an excellent piece by Dana Millbank describing how the SHARE Act will impact the public.

Remember –  according to a 2017 Public Policy Polling survey 80-90% of gun owners support universal background checks and 68% of gun owners are against making silencers easier to buy.

The SHARE Act will likely increase the revenues of the firearm-related industries but the real price will be paid in American lives lost to gun violence. The SHARE Act is an appalling dismantling of firearm safety and a blatant gift to the gun lobby.

To learn more about the SHARE Act, CLICK HERE.