Attacks on Abortion Rights – Email by Oct. 27

No one is talking about this – so we need to voice our concerns.

  1. The Dept. of Health and Human Services has posted a Draft Strategic Plan 2018-2022 and is inviting public comment via email until Oct. 27. Their document refers in several places to “protecting Americans at every stage of life beginning at conception.” We feel it is important to offer our objection to that language as it sets a dangerous precedent for future policy decision. Additionally, such language assumes we all agree on when life begins, and that is not true. That debate carries serious consequences for a woman’s ability to control and choose what happens to her body. Please go to: There are two places to offer your comment: under the first section “Introduction” and under “Strategic Goal 3”.  Please urge the removal of all personhood language. Please submit your comment by Oct. 27when the public comment period closes.
  2. The U.S. House of Representatives has passed H.R. 36 The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. It has gone to the U.S. Senate and we do not know when a vote may occur but it may be imminent. Sen. Casey202-224-6324needs to hear from us in praise of his position of protecting women’s health. Sen. Toomey 202-224-4254 needs to keep hearing from us regarding his shameful stance on women’s health. Please call them daily if you can. Postcards are good, too. And a bonus: while you are on the phone with Sen. Casey’s office, thank him for sponsoring the new “Protect Access to Birth Control Act” which is his latest effort to fight back against the Administration’s ruling on allowing employers to deny women access to birth control coverage in their health insurance plans. . He is a hero.
  3. Pennsylvanian Attorney General Josh Shapiro is also our hero. He initiated a lawsuit against the Trump administration for enabling employers and universities to deny health insurance coverage for birth control to their employees and students. Attorney Shapiro points out this is in violation of federal law. His office has been delighted to hear from us!

Please thank him via his website: