Trump’s Tax Plan is a Trojan Horse

That’s what former Labor Secretary Robert Reich called Congress’ budget proposal. Their plan gives a few small, temporary breaks for some middle class families to hide the MASSIVE tax breaks they are giving to billionaires and corporations. Let’s not be fooled!

Call 877-795-7862 and tell your representative to protect working families. Not one more penny for the 1%.

They’re planning to pay for unprecedented tax breaks for billionaires by cutting TRILLIONS of dollars from crucial programs for working families and senior citizens, like Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, education, and job training.

This is “trickle-down economics” all over again — the idea that if we give tax breaks and freebies to the rich and powerful, they will eventually pass it on to us. It didn’t work in the 1980s and it won’t work now.

Call your member of congress today at 877-795-7862 and let them know that you expect them to make a budget that works for ALL Americans, not just the 1%.

Please make the call and make your voice heard.