Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Call Blast

Things are moving fast…

The Senate may vote on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as soon as Thursday, November 30. We need to ramp up our advocacy efforts to stop this harmful bill by contacting ALL members of Congress – Democrats included.

Join the Faith Community’s Call-In Day

Wednesday, November 29

Call both of your SENATORS: 888-885-1748


Keep calling until the tax bill is defeated or passed.

For background information and other actions you can take visit UUSJ’s “Say No to Fake Tax Reform” information page.

Below suggested phone or email message for you to adapt in your own words. Also attached for more information is UUSJ’s  “Senate Messages and Talking Points” document.

“Hi, my name is [your name] I’m a constituent from [city, state]. 

I am a Unitarian Universalist from [name of congregation and location]. My faith guides me to strongly oppose the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act because it increases economic inequity and calls for the partial repeal of the Affordable Care Act which will hurt the most vulnerable. 

Paying for large and permanent tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy by taking away healthcare from millions of Americans, eliminating social programs, and raising taxes for middle-class and low-income people and families is not moral. It worsens the growing wealth divide.

I urge [Senator XX /Representative XX] to speak up and actively support protections for the most vulnerable. 

Tell [senator/ representative] to say “no” to any bill that: [include additional points that speak to you, such as  – 

– undermines the Affordable Care Act, causing millions to lose their health insurance in order to pay for corporate tax cuts. 

– repeals the Johnson Amendment, threatening the integrity of our elections and destroying the separation of church and state. 

– establishes a legal basis for full personhood to begin at conception by allowing 529 college savings accounts to begin at conception rather than at birth.]

Thank you.”