Time is Running Out to Stop this Disastrous Tax Plan

Congress is working to reconcile differences between House and Senate versions of the tax bill next week and hopes to pass the bill before Christmas break.  This massive tax bill that would have enormous implications for the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, the future of critical federal human needs programs, and millions of individuals and families across the country.

Additionally, the bill raises taxes on those living in poverty and could cap the deduction for state and local taxes, forcing cuts to programs like education, public safety, and infrastructure. The bottom line is the plan will do long-term harm to the most vulnerable and our communities.

Your action is needed now! Pennsylvania has 4 Congressmen in play:

PA-06: Costello – (202) 225-4315

PA-07: Meehan – (202) 225-2011

PA-08: Fitzpatrick – (202) 225-4276

PA-15: Dent – (202) 225-6411

We can stop this bill if we work hard and smart. Please make a call today.

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