Environmental Justice

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Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to explore what it means to live within a religious community on an imperiled Earth and join in efforts, both symbolic and explicit, to becoming stewards of the Earth.

As a member of PA Interfaith Power and Light, the UUPLAN Environmental Justice Team voted at their Feb. 9th, 2017 meeting to adopt the Policy Resolution on Fracking and Infrastructure authored by PA-IPL.

Key Goals for 2018:

  • Continue to work toward a fracking and pipeline infrastructure MORALtorium in Pennsylvania.
  • Continue to oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).
  • Grow our Environmental Justice Team from the current 5 to at least 10 faithful participants from un-represented congregations.
  • Expand our interfaith connections on climate justice issues, including native American concerns.
  • Explore efforts to reach more UU youth.
  • Incorporate a racial justice perspective to the work of our environmental justice team.
  • Support PA MORALtorium actions and efforts.
  • Focus on using the material from our Clean Energy Event to educate on Clean energy.
  • Promote/support Citizen’s Climate Lobby efforts to get a carbon fee & dividend.
  • Encourage churches / individuals to divest from fossil fuels.
  • Support redistricting as gerrymandering is undermining all of our efforts to achieve our goals.

Team Leaders:

Mark Lichty, UU Fellowship of the Poconos

Rachel Mark, Unitarian Church of Harrisburg