Immigration Justice

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Mission Statement:

Upholding the UU principles of “the inherent dignity and worth of every person” and “with justice, equity and compassion in human relations”, we advocate for the rights of all asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants in PA, documented or undocumented.

Team Leaders:

Carol Stowell, The UU Congregation of York

Ebe Emmons, First Unitarian Church of Pittsburgh

 Monthly Online Meetings

3rd Mondays, Noon


Phone-in Dial:
+1 408 638 0968
Meeting ID: 713 234 7624

Current Legislation

  • SUPPORT: HB 1302 – Police and Community Safety Act –making cities safe for immigrants
  • SUPPORT: HB 1042 – Tuition Equity
  • OPPOSE: SB 9 – Proof of citizenship to receive public benefits unfairly impacts 800,000 eligible PA citizens.
  • OPPOSE: SB 10 & HB 28 – PA Sanctuary Municipalities
  • OPPOSE: SB 273 & HB 14 – Defunds Sanctuary Campuses